I am happy to report that I have already made progress on my List of Good Intentions. I added six books to my wish list at so I have a jump start on my reading for the year. Amazing right? Real progress! The task was so completely draining I've been unable to focus on anything else. It's hard work to shop online. All the browsing, the reading, the mouse clicking. It wears a girl out.

In all seriousness, I did actually add the books to my list, and not actually purchasing them certainly applies to the work on the budget part of the list but other than that I haven't done much else.

You see, I sprained my thumb. I didn't actually know this was possible, and I don't know how I did it. Maybe in my sleep? I wish I had some great story about how I was out running (getting ready for the half marathon) when I saw an unattended baby carriage start to roll down a very steep hill. I made chase, dodging the occasional trash can, cocker spaniel, and huge tree root induced crack in the sidewalk. Upon catching up to the stroller I yanked it back towards me just as it was going to plunge off a bridge above ice cold water and swift rapids. In the moment I yanked it, my thumb was tweaked to the left a bit and thus resulted in the swollen, sore, useless thumb. This of course did not happen, but it sounds so much better than "I have no idea" when people ask me why I'm wearing a brace on my hand.

The brace has impeded many things, not the least of which is my List of Good Intentions. I'm almost out of things to do at work that don't require the use of my right thumb. Hoping for a quick recovery because it's getting old fast. I can't even dress myself by myself which kind of rules out trips to the gym for a bit. The Immediate Care doctor thinks I'll be fine in a few more days, but there hasn't been a change in the swelling in three days now. Stupid thumb.

I really have an appreciation for why some animals evolved better than others now. Thumbs are important!

By the way, after I saved the baby from imminent death the city threw me a parade. It was awesome.

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