Do you like Pina Coladas?

Today I spent a good few hours dreaming about a tropical vacation. It's not even all that rainy and gloomy here this week. In fact today the sun came out. Yahoo! Sunshine in Oregon in January is rare. Like a well behaved Lhasa Apso. Olivia is on my $%#^ list tonight. Stepping barefoot into a puddle of dog pee after returning from a nearly four mile run does not a happy dog owner make. So yes, rare, those well behaved Lhasa Apsos and sunshiney winter days.

Despite the lovely sunshine, which will apparently stick around a for a few days, I'm jonesing for some warm sand and water. I want to lounge on a fluffy towel and wiggle my toes off the edge of a dock with a palm tree landscape in the distance. I want to be here:

This is a dock in Ambergris Caye in the country of Belize. I want! I want! I want!

Alas, this year is not about vacationing. However this doesn't mean I won't slip into a tanning bed for a bit and pretend that it's actual sunshine warming my skin. Do you think I can sneak in a pina colada?

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