Camping at Indian Henry

We camped at Indian Henry Campground this weekend. It's tucked into the very start of the Mt. Hood National Forest, flanked by the Clackamas River and Hwy 224. It's unbelievably beautiful! More than once I looked around me and thought "I am so lucky to live in this beautiful state!" This was out first time at Indian Henry and the sites we had reserved turned out to be really, really small but we scoped out some sites we'll stay at next time including some huge group sites that looked perfect.

Campfires, marshmallows, silly stories, good food, little hikes, and sunshine. It was bliss! Some of our pictures are below.

Scott and Nathan on the nature made bridge. The tree was probably 80-90 feet long and it rested just perfectly to make a "short cut" for the boys to take.

It's so pretty I stood in awe.

These are some fairly mellow rapids along the Clackamas River. Years ago I rafted this place with Scott and his buddies. It's an amazing thing to see and do.

Scott and Nathan checking out the jumping area at the swimming hole.



More pretty pictures

Livy was pretty worn out by the end of the trip but she made in on one last little walk with us.

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Andy Meeker said...

Looks great. Wish I were there