It's the little things right? They make bad days brighter, bad weeks bearable, bad years...okay bad years are hard to deal with, but sometimes little things make all the difference. Case and point:

#1 - This week we said to ourselves "I wonder if we can turn the temp up on the water heater? It really doesn't heat so well when it's cold out, would be nice to have a steaming hot shower when it's 40° " So Scott took a look, moved a dial and we were able to, and the result is a blissfully hot, steamy shower. I had no idea a super hot shower could make me so happy, and I'm so sad it took us this many years to think to turn the temp up on the water heater! I'm married to a contractor after all! Love you honey! Thanks for turning the temp up! Hallelujah!

#2 - I have been going to the gym like a crazy lady lately. I'm committed to my fitness, more so than I ever have been as an adult. Still I haven't been losing much weight despite spending oodles of time on the treadmill, bike, and elliptical machine. Despite this sad state of affairs I decided, after a lovely co-worker said it looked like I'd lost weight, that I might try a little experiment tonight. So I dug in a pile of long forgotten clothes, pulled out a brand new pair of GAP jeans that have been sitting patiently since Christmas of 2007, and eyeballed them. I held them up a few times. Compared their thighs to mine and wrinkled my nose at them. Then I just went for it and tried them on, and low and behold they fit! They fit really well! I've been waiting to wear those jeans for almost two years?!?! Can I get a hallelujah?

So take that 2009! You may have tried to beat me to a pulp, but I have a hot steamy shower now and I fit in my brand new (old) jeans! That means it's just a matter of time until I fit in my bikinis again! That's right 2009, even though you broke my ankle, I am getting skinny again!

And Andy, my dear faithful reader/commenter, I'd love to do a "Weaker Meeker" challenge with you! When shall we start? What are the parameters? I can't wait to kick your butt! :)

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Andy Meeker said...

Give me another week to get the gear together. then, you are on. do you have a Nike +?